Meet the maker

Hi, I’m Bryan, the founder of Built by Bricker. I live in South Florida with my wife (Mrs. Built by Bricker - yes, she calls herself that!) and our 2 kids.

Over the last few years, I have really enjoyed woodworking and have used it as a way to clear my head and learn new skills. After purchasing my Glowforge laser in 2021, I turned my hobby into a small business. Over the last few years, I have made hundreds of different projects utilizing materials ranging from wood, acrylic, leather, metals, rubber, glass, and more.

I love being able to collaborate with my customers and help to make their vision a reality. I have really found pushing myself outside my comfort zone makes me thrive. Really, there’s no other choice. 

From DIY Paint Kits to custom furniture and wall art to much much more...Please take a look at my site and feel free to email me with any questions at I appreciate you stopping by!